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As a professional, you know the value of high quality training. The trick is finding the time to do it and knowing you've got someone to support you along the way.



Do any of these hurdles seem familiar?



  • I don't have the time to make sure staff is completing training

  • It's hard to stay on track

  • What if questions come up months after we've started?

  • It's just too overwhelming


Our team of Learning Coaches will:


  • Reach out within 48 hours of signup to help you get started

  • Answer questions about the learning topics

  • Make sure you have all the support you need to get results


You’ll come away with a clear path to improve both your quality of care AND bottom line business results. 


    Risk Reduction  


Is your practice as profitable as you want it to be?


Maybe you’re in the minority and you’re satisfied with you practice performance.  Most optometrists we work with identify decreasing revenue and margin as major concerns.  Reimbursements are decreasing and competitive pressure from online and discount providers keep eating away at the bottom line.



Are you experiencing any of these common problems?


  • It’s getting more and more difficult to get reimbursements

  • Medicare reimbursements are decreasing

  • Cash flow is tighter than desired

  • Revenue per patient is declining

  • Optical sales are not producing target results




CS EYE Academy can help. Our program will help you:


  • Improve cash flow, increase reimbursements, and implement “best practices” standard of care

  • Maximize vision plans for profit

  • Greatly reduce rejection rates and accelerate reimbursements



You’ll come away with clear path to compliant quality of care AND bottom line business results.

Academy Benefits


Are compliance risks keeping you awake at night?


If you’re like most optometrists, the answer is yes. Never has compliance been more important than today. The regulations are confusing and it seems like they’re always changing. To make matters worse, the fines are real and increasing in frequency. Even honest mistakes are being penalized.



Do you know your compliance risks?



  • Do you know which coding errors are red flags for Medicare?

  • Do you know which common practices are considered compliance violations?

  • Do you know which honest mistakes are exposing you to whistleblower risks?



If you answered no to any of these questions, CS EYE Academy can help. We provide:



  • 11 lessons dedicated to compliance management

  • 21 lessons on compliant insurance billing

  • Self-audit training and security assessments



Our compliance management content is easy to understand and easy to implement.  You’ll rest easier with a peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing it right.



The bottom line is this: you’re in practice to provide high quality care to patients. That’s hard to do if you’re distracted by day-to-day business questions.  Let us help you focus on what you do best by giving you the learning tools you need for success.

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